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  • MLR Associates is a product development consultancy west of Boston.

       MLR staff have over 40 years of frontline experience in medical device development from early phase voice of the 

       customer input to high volume manufacturing operations.

       Experienced in process design and development, we have worked with some of the most respected converters,

       automation developers, and specialty component suppliers in the world.


  • MLR staff have worked at the interface between medical devices and human tissues and are keenly aware of the mechanical dynamics between the two. 

       We know that failure occurs at interfaces and greatly value ongoing FMEA and DFx programs with clients.


  • MLR believes that innovation and the inventive inspiration that drives discovery should be nurtured across all phases of product development.

      We are proactive in identifying new opportunities for proprietary advantage and provide IP semantic landscaping,

       ideation workshops, and liaison with patent firms. MLR has been successfully inventing on behalf of clients for over 30

       years and continues to grow its technical relationships with the best IP law firms as well as the

      USPTO .




    MLR is proud of its service to academia, the medical industry, and world class




      For more information please contact MLR Associates LLC at 617-877-1633 or email us at:   

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